Exploring Hungary’s top shopping centers

Hungary boasts a variety of impressive shopping centers, each offering unique experiences for shoppers.

WestEnd City Center – one of the most favorite shopping centers

WestEnd City Center, situated in the heart of Budapest, is one of the largest shopping centers in Hungary, featuring over 400 shops. Located adjacent to Nyugati train station, its main entrance greets visitors with a spectacular waterfall. This vast mall offers a mix of international brands, local boutiques, and an extensive food court near Lehel square. Whether you’re hunting for fashion, electronics, or a culinary delight, WestEnd has something for everyone. You can easily spend a whole day exploring its many offerings.

Arena Mall – one of the best shopping centers

Arena Mall, another major shopping destination in Budapest, is known for its spacious layout and modern design. It houses a wide array of stores, from high-end fashion brands to everyday essentials. Arena Mall also features a large cinema, making it perfect for combining shopping with entertainment. The dining options are plentiful, with a variety of restaurants and cafes catering to different tastes. Conveniently located near public transport, it’s a favourite among both locals and tourists.

Mammut I & II – 2 shopping centers impossible not to fall in love with

Mammut I & II are two interconnected shopping centers located on the Buda side of Budapest. The 1st Mammut offers a broad selection of fashion, electronics, and home goods, while Mammut II extends the variety with additional high-end boutiques and tech stores. The malls are connected by a unique glass bridge, making it easy to navigate between the two. With a multiplex cinema, fitness centers, and a diverse food court, Mammut I & II provide a complete shopping and entertainment experience.

Corvin Plaza

Corvin Plaza is one of the most modern shopping centers located in central Budapest. It features a mix of international and local brands, spread across multiple floors. The food court offers a delightful range of cuisines, from Hungarian specialities to international favourites. Corvin Plaza also hosts various events and promotions, keeping the shopping experience lively and engaging. Accessibility is a highlight, with nearby metro and tram stops making it easy to visit.

Árkád Budapest

Árkád Budapest is another prominent shopping destination, renowned for its extensive range of shops and services. It includes well-known fashion brands, electronics stores, and a large supermarket. The mall’s modern architecture and spacious design enhance the shopping experience. Árkád also boasts a significant food court and numerous cafes, perfect for taking a break between shopping sprees. Regular events and seasonal promotions add to its appeal, making it a dynamic place to shop.

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Grocery store – where do Hungarians like to shop?

Hungary is home to a variety of large grocery stores that cater to diverse shopping needs, providing everything from daily essentials to speciality items.

Aldi – one of the most beloved grocery store

Aldi is renowned for its high-quality own-brand products and low prices. This German discount chain has gained a strong foothold in Hungary, attracting shoppers with its straightforward, no-frills approach. Aldi stores are well-organised, making it easy to find everything from fresh produce and dairy to snacks and household goods. The weekly special buys are a highlight, offering great deals on a rotating selection of items. Aldi’s emphasis on sustainability and local sourcing further enhances its appeal.

Lidl – the affordable grocery store

Another German discount retailer, is a favourite among Hungarian shoppers for its affordable prices and diverse product range. Lidl stores feature a wide selection of groceries, including fresh produce, bakery items, and international foods. The chain is also known for its weekly promotions and special offers on non-food items such as clothing and kitchenware. Lidl’s efficient store layout and quick checkout process make for a pleasant shopping experience. Additionally, the quality of Lidl’s own-brand products rivals that of more expensive brands.


Spar is a well-established grocery chain in Hungary, offering a balance of quality and affordability. These stores are known for their fresh produce, deli counters, and wide range of international and local products. The chain includes different store formats, from large hypermarkets to smaller neighbourhood stores, catering to various shopping preferences. Spar also places a strong emphasis on customer service and regularly runs promotions and loyalty programs. The chain’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its efforts to reduce plastic use and promote eco-friendly products.


Auchan is a French grocery store chain that provides a comprehensive shopping experience with its vast range of products. In addition to groceries, Auchan stores offer electronics, clothing, home goods, and more. The spacious layout and wide aisles make shopping at Auchan enjoyable and convenient. The hypermarket’s fresh produce section is particularly impressive, featuring a variety of fruits, vegetables, and bakery items. Auchan’s competitive prices and frequent promotions attract a loyal customer base, and its online shopping option adds to its convenience.


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